A British Grandfather Has Left His Family And Sold All His Possessions To Go And Fight ISIS In Iraq

Jim Atherton

Jim Atherton had no military training whatsoever but has decided to leave his wife, three kids and four dachshunds to fight ISIS.

Not content with the current effort that is going into fighting ISIS over in Iraq, a British grandfather has decided that it’s up to him to go and do something about it over there.

53 year old Jim Atherton had no military training whatsoever, but still headed over to Iraq to join up with the Christian Kurdish militia in order to defend Christian villages from ISIS. He found the group online and decided to leave his wife, three kids and four dachshunds to go over there and fight the good fight.

Jim was inspired to go out there and help after his brother died fighting in Iraq in 2006. He wanted to inspire his grandchildren and show them what he was really about:

I couldn’t stand seeing IS killing women and kids. No one seemed to be doing anything about it, so I decided I would… People were commenting online about IS atrocities then five minutes later it was all forgotten.

I’m not anti-Islam, I’m not a violent person and I’m deffo (sic) not a killer…[but] I’m willing to fight that fight for those who can’t.

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Jim atherton

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Atherton has been in Iraq for about a year now, after selling his Sierra Cosworth, two motorcycles and his boat in order to buy a plane ticket to Turkey, a Glock pistol, AK-47 machine gun and a shotgun. He’s fairly savvy with weapons as his father was into shooting, and he says that he’s done alright when he’s been attacked during patrols.

Jim is now stationed on the frontline in a group called ‘The Sacrificers’ which consists of volunteer soldiers from Europe, Australia and the United States. He just flew home for a two week break and was urged by national security officers to stay in Britain but he has no intention of leaving Iraq until ISIS are defeated though, so it looks like he could be there for a pretty long time.

Fair play to the guy though, you might think it’s stupid but at least he’s getting off his ass and doing something that’s important to him, and quite possibly the future of the planet too. Hopefully between him and Task Force Black it won’t be too long until the ISIS problem is sorted out. I have been saying that for years though so who knows. Hopefully Jim takes out a few of those motherfuckers before they blow up the Queen like they said they were going to do this weekend.


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