This Grandad Showed Up Alive Two Months After His Own Funeral Following A Massive Bender

Grandad Misses Funeral


I’m pretty sure that most of us have been on massive benders and ended up missing important occasions, but I doubt any of us have got so messed up that we’ve ended up missing our own funerals by two months.

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That’s an honour that can only be bestowed upon 74-year-old grandad, Miguel Angel Gomar De Luna from Chihuahua, Mexico who turned up two months after his own funeral following his escape from a nursing home and beginning a massive drinking spree, where he regularly slept rough and begged for money to buy booze. What an absolute legend.

The confusion arose after the Mexican police found a badly decomposing body matching his description during the harsh months of the Mexican winter. His daughter Lucero Gomar Ramos couldn’t confirm it was him because the body was in such a bad state, but the authorities wouldn’t release it until she confirmed it was him. Classic Mexico.

Ramos was pretty much forced to sign the papers and they cremated the body a few days later. Then, a few months later they got a call saying that Miguel was in fact alive – he was returned to his family with a bandage on his head and completely wasted, naturally. Here’s a video of the reunion:

Bizarre. Apparently he said the following in the video:

They thought I was dead, but I just walk and walk.

Spoken like a true champ. Unfortunately it isn’t all good news though as the family face a legal battle to regain his identity having already claimed the other body was his and cremated it. Sure that should be a lot of fun.

And what about the identity oft he other body? To be fair it’s probably the cops who should take the flak one, but I guess Miguel probably doesn’t need to go back to the nursing home after all this at least if he can survive on the streets on his own. Maybe to rehab though.

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