The Grand Big Mac Is Returning To McDonald’s

Something to look forward to finally.

There isn’t much to look forward to at the moment as we’re stuck in a constant cycle of lockdowns, but maybe the fact that The Grand Big Mac is returning to McDonald’s for a limited time will be enough to cheer some of you up.

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For the uninitiated, The Grand Big Mac is pretty much exactly what you would think it is: a much bigger version of the Big Mac. It’s going to be available from February 10th for six weeks and will set you back £5.79 for a medium drink and a medium side, or £6.19 if you want to upgrade and whack some back on it as well. I’ll know what I’ll be doing.

I’m not really sure why McDonald’s don’t just make The Grand Big Mac a permanent part of the menu considering how excited people get when they bring it back, but I guess part of it’s appeal is that it’s only ever available for a limited amount of time. I guess McDonald’s probably know more what they’re doing with their menu items than I ever do considering their success over the years.

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