39% Of Graduates Say They’d Spend A Week In Jail To Wipe Out Student Debt

No brainer.

In what might actually be the easiest decision of all time, 39% of graduates have said they would spend one week in jail if it meant wiping out their entire student debt.

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According to a study of 1,000 undergraduate and 1,000 postgraduate degree holders conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Splash Financial, the vast majority of people (89%) see their student debts as an ‘inescapable financial burden’ (remaining 11% – what’s your secret?).

Some of the sacrifices involved in paying off student debt are avoiding socialising to save money, picking up side hustles, intense budget planning, skipping weddings and birthdays and holidays, and taking jobs they absolutely hate.

IMO anyone who wouldn’t spend a week in jail to wipe out their student debt should return their degrees right now. I mean it’s one bad week in exchange for clearing tens of thousands of pounds of debt that you’ll be paying off for years to come. Who knows – you might even learn a thing or two in jail. Things that they can’t teach you in university.

And how about those people paying off student loans for waste degrees like gender studies or liberal arts? Did you really splash all that money and sit through all those lectures and seminars to spend the rest of your days working a shitty job that has nothing to do with your degree, just so you could pay it all off? No thanks.

It’s actually insane that only 39% of people said they would go to jail. I’d probably do 2 weeks to wipe out all my student debt. It’s not even all that bad – all the inmates get together and watch Love Island like one big happy family. Pure bliss.


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