Eerie Photos Of French Ghost Town Abandoned Under Flight Path

When Charles de Gaulle airport opened in 1974, it directly led to one village near Paris becoming almost completely abandoned. Check out some pictures of what it looks like now.

Here’s a picture of a street in the town – this time from 1910 though – and another picture of what it looks like today. Again, nothing much seems to have changed except there’s now a lamp post and there aren’t any people.

Goussainville-Vieux Pays 3

Goussainville-Vieux Pays 4

This is a picture of a 19th century manor house in the city. It looks a lot more impressive back in 1910 than it does now, as it’s completely abandoned and has spray paint all over it. I think G23 is the tag of the most famous street artist in Goussainville-Vieux Pays.

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Goussainville-Vieux Pays 5

Goussainville-Vieux Pays 6

Goussainville-Vieux Pays 7

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