Goth Kid Creates Awful Song About The Current Education System – But Completely Nails It

Don't Stay In School

It’s hard to watch (because it’s so bad), but what he’s saying is 100% true.

A goth with the original name of ‘boyinaband’ has uploaded this song criticising the education system that’s in place in this country, and to be honest I’ve got a lot of sympathy with what he’s saying because the majority of what he says actually  makes sense to me. I think it would be way more useful when I was growing up to learn about stuff like how to get a mortgage or what our human rights are, rather than Henry VIII’s wives or abstract maths like he says – or at least have the option to pick what subjects you learn in school rather than be force fed a bunch of stuff that you’ll never use again once you’ve graduated.

However, on the flip side of this is the fact that he’s chosen to make his argument in the form of some kind of goth rap song which is truly terrible. It’s not helped by the fact he’s also made a music video to this where he stands in a forest looking lonely and weird and rapping all the lyrics really angrily. I think someone should tell this guy that there’s a reason that this kind of genre of music doesn’t really exist yet, and also why no rappers out there currently look like he does.

Having said all that though, the fact that the song is so laughable might actually get it shared around a bit more, and might actually make people take notice of the message contained in it which is definitely the most important point behind this. Hopefully he can get a job for some liberal political party when he’s cut his hair and grown out of his goth phase, rather than inflicting the population with more music like this.

I suppose he could perform at cyber goth raves if it does continue to take off though.


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