Cyber Goth Dance Party

More footage of the cyber goth movement has been uncovered.

A month or so ago Ben Perodol provided Sick Chirpse with a post about the new cyber goth phenomenon. Like many others I questioned just what the hell was going on in the video he provided where three weird looking goth dudes stood in front of some steps and did some weird dance moves to some pumping music for three and a hlaf minutes.

Is this what goths are really up to these days? Like Ben Perodol I was used to my goths (or the goths that I had encountered previously, let’s clarify that I don’t actually know any goths I don’t think?!)  wearing black trenchcoats and hanging out in the corner of the pub/club/weird goth club on their own looking really moody, and now they’re getting into raving and dancing. It doesn’t make sense. Why combine two lifestyles that clash inherently in their ideologies? It just doesn’t add up. I don’t understand it. Can anyone explain the cyber goth movement to me?

I came across this video when Jon Rafman – the guy who was responsible for nine eyes – tweeted that he was looking forward to travelling to Europe so he could check out a bunch of cyber goth parties, and included this video as a reference point. This one is even more bizarre than the one that Ben Perodol posted up. A bunch of cyber goths (is that even the correct terminology for this phenomenon? I know it seems to be, but what’s cyber about it?) have congregated under a bridge and are doing some cyber goth moves to some rave song that look a bit too rehearsed to be spontaneous. Still I guess the fact that cyber goths spend time rehearsing their moves makes the whole movement even cooler, right?

My favourite part in this video is towards the end where a guy who isn’t really dressed in the traditional uniform of the cyber goth – he’s wearing a white outfit that has blood stains all over it – grabs a little horn and starts squeaking it in time with the music. Cyber goth seems to be getting bigger and bigger so I guess when we’re out of inspiration at Sick Chirpse we might just stick up another one of these videos. They’re bound to get funnier and funnier. For the time being check this one out though:


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