This Dude Got Arrested For Using A Frying Pan As A Steering Wheel

Frying pan

Another use found for your kitchen appliances.

So we’ve all used pans for purposes they weren’t intended for – eating cereal out of, collecting water from a leak, that sort of thing. But one guy thought it’d be a good idea to use a frying pan for a steering wheel. Not sure where he got the idea from.


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The police were called when a man was reported to be loitering around Adelaide in Australia and when they arrived he sped off in the car using a frying pan for direction – impressive.

Afterwards, the car was unsurprisingly found to be uninsured, unregistered and it had even failed to pass its MOT. Quite creative really – he definitely wouldn’t have a problem if the car could direct itself like these self-driving Ubers.


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