Watch Gordon Ramsay Tell This Delusional Hotel Owner That His Art Collection Is Worth $25K, Not $300K

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Bit of a shortfall there.

If you’re gonna be pretentious enough to describe yourself as an art connoisseur or dealer, then you had better make sure that you actually know what you’re talking about otherwise chances are at some point in  your career you’re gonna come across looking like an absolute mug.

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For the guy in this video, this is his moment. His name is Robert and he owns a hotel somewhere and he was appearing on Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell as it wasn’t going so well for him. Even though his hotel was losing $15-$20K a month though, he was OK with it though because he had an art collection that was worth $300K that he could dip into and sell off. Or so he thought.

Gordon Ramsay decided to get in some big shot auctioneer to value it and let’s just say Robert got quite the shock about it all:

Damn. What a complete and utter loser. You might feel sorry for him but when you find out what a complete and utter prick he is then those feelings will be completely and utterly erased.

As a bonus, here’s also a video of Gordon Ramsay confronting this guy for stealing the tips off his workers, despite the fact he’s subsidising their wages because the hotel isn’t making any money. What an absolute prick:

Lol ‘I left the money with you’ – that is just too good. I dunno how this guy suddenly reformed his character and turned into a good guy, but chances are he did because that’s what happens in every single episode of these shows but I doubt he managed to stay that way. Guy seems like an A+ prick.

For more of the same, check out Ramsay meeting a London cocaine kingpin. Wasn’t his usual self around that guy, that’s for sure.


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