GoPro Falling Into A Pit Of Rattlesnakes Captures Some Of The Most Terrifying Footage Ever


I don’t know who’s GoPro this is or how the hell they got it back, but if it was mine I’m pretty sure no one would ever have seen this footage because there’s no chance I’m going anywhere near this pit of deadly rattlesnakes.

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Prepare to crap yourself:

Holy shit balls that was scary. With all the videos we share of shark attacks and deadly spiders we almost forgot about all the rattlesnakes out there. Thanks to this guy’s GoPro though we now know to keep our heads on a swivel next time we’re hiking through wherever the hell this was filmed. Rattlesnake death pits are definitely not the one.

P.S. Seen that footage of the world’s largest snake that was recently captured? Ridiculous.


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