The World’s Largest Snake Has Been Captured And It Is Absolutely Huge

There’s no way you’re messing with this dude.

Snakes are absolutely terrifying no matter how big they are, but when you come up against the largest snake in the world then you’re going to be positively shitting your pants if you’re anything like me. This motherfucker looks like it’s even bigger than an Anaconda and it will probably slither up to your bedroom and eat you before you can even do anything about it. It’s seriously gigantic.

Fortunately it looks like this dude is dead – or at least captured – so there’s no way that he’s going to be messing with you any time soon, but just the fact that something like this even exists has got me running scared.

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Yeah, not going to be sleeping tonight. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of those videos where it moves down the snake and then it pounces out at the camera because that would have just been too much. If you want to see even more messed up snakes then check out this video of a decapitated snake attacking its own body.


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