Google Boss Is So Rich He Doesn’t Even Know How Much He Gets Paid

Matt Brittin

He’s not doing himself any favours.

Google is getting a massive grilling at the moment over the fact that the company managed to avoid £130 million of back taxes over the past 10 years.

Although they’ve agreed to pay off the sum and sort out their taxes in the future, European Google president Matt Brittin has just ruined the company’s image a little further by admitting in court that he doesn’t even know how much he gets paid.

Both Matt and Tom Hutchinson, vice president of Google Inc, appeared before the committee to deal with the aftermath of the tax deal. It was all going quite well until Matt completely bungled it. He tries to edge around the question by saying he will “disclose” it later on, but finally admits he “doesn’t have a figure” after being interrogated five times. Check out the video below:

He seems to find the whole thing pretty funny — I guess I would be laughing too if I had so much money I didn’t even need to check what my company was paying me. This probably isn’t the best way of dispelling the whole Google fat-cat image.

Still, he carries it off nearly as well as Martin Shkreli at his congressional hearing.


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