Martin Shkreli Proves Once Again Why He’s The Biggest Troll On The Planet

Martin Shkreli just went through his entire congressional hearing without answering a single question then called them all “imbeciles” on Twitter.

At a hearing of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, pharma CEO waster Martin Shkreli was met with a barrage of questions and managed to sit there the entire time declining to answer them on the advice of his lawyer.

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At one point he was reprimanded for laughing, and eventually was allowed to go home early after everyone realised he wasn’t going to answer any of their questions.

Watch below (again – it’s basically 10 minutes of him refusing to answer questions):

Florida Republican John Mica says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the committee treated with such contempt.

Shkreli crapped on them some more via Twitter immediately following the hearing:

Have to admit, at first I completely hated this dude. I mean how could you not dislike a guy who puts extortionate price tags on life-saving medication? But the more he milks his “most evil man on the planet” reputation, the more I don’t 100% hate his guts anymore. Even in that video above he’s doing things I want to hate but truth is I kinda respect how great he is at trolling. All these men in suits giving their statements, judging him and trying to make him to say something stupid and/or incriminating, and he’s just sitting there patiently waiting it out. Brendan Dassey could’ve learned a thing or two here.

Still, even if Congress don’t get him, you can bet Ghostface Killah will after the comments he made about him the other day.


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