Good News – Robot Dogs Are Remarkably Easy To Defeat Thanks To These Weak Spots


I wrote last week about how I was somewhat concerned about how the French army was using these terrifying looking robot dogs in their army training exercises these days and the whole situation got even more alarming when the NYPD was seen employing them this week as well, but it turns out I needn’t have been so concerned about the situation as they’re remarkably easy to defeat at this point.

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Someone actually published a list of all the ways you could thwart the robot dog and it’s actually pretty pathetic how easy it is. You can take your pick out of the following: pressing its completely unguarded and easy to access power button; ripping out its battery; shooting it; or even just throwing a blanket over the top of it to block its optical signal. A WiFI jammer would serve the same purpose if you’re baller enough to have one on your person and it’s also worth noting that the battery life on one of them isn’t that long, so if you just hide for a while then it will probably end up running out of juice.

Here’s some more detailed information about each one of those points:

Phew. Whilst this is reassuring for the moment, it’s almost inevitable that Boston Dynamics are probably already working on all of these issues and will  have the majority of them solved in the next few years, so it probably isn’t actually that long until these weaknesses are eliminated from the dogs. At least we’ve got a bit of time though, right?

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