The Good Neighbour Looks Like The Best Thriller Of The Year

Good Neighbour

Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.

I’ve never thought about doing something as downright scummy as using modern technology to try and convince an elderly neighbour that they were being haunted by an actual ghost, but it turns out that someone out there has as this forms the basis for the new thriller The Good Neighbour.

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In the trailer below, you see two snotty kids set up a haunting prank on they elderly neighbour James Caan, only it turns out that nothing they do even remotely fools or scares him and he has an even more sinister secret laying in wait in the basement:

Geez looks tense. I wonder if there are actually that many twists and turns and there really is ‘an emotional wallop of an ending though’ because I’m pretty sure there’s only one of two ways this can go, and if it’s down the ‘he’s caring for his sick mother/wife who’s locked in the basement with a rare medical condition’ route then I’m going to be kinda disappointed.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that though. The Good Neighbour hasn’t got a UK release date yet but drops in America on September 16th so it shouldn’t be too long until we see it if it does well over there. Or just stream it you know.

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