Good Morning Britain Ambushed Matt Hancock For A Live Interview And He Was Not Happy


It’s been 196 days since elected government politicians started to refuse to speak to Good Morning Britain because they found Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid’s line of question way to difficult to deal with, so today the TV show decided to take matters into their own hands by ambushing Health Secretary Matt Hancock for his take on recent events.

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Hancock was on his way into the BBC Broadcasting House in London when their correspondent Nick Dixon tagged him and asked him about his thoughts on the vaccine, before swiftly moving onto speaking to him about why he had refused to appear on GMB for the last seven months. Needless to say, this didn’t go down too well and the atmosphere was notably frosty – take a look at the footage below yourself and see what you think:

In fairness to Hancock, I think he handles that fairly well compared to most of his other car crash interviews during the pandemic – although it’s fairly obvious he doesn’t have anything going on tomorrow and desperately doesn’t want to go on GMB – and you can argue that although it’s kind of funny for Dixon to follow him and be ignored it’s also kinda pathetic as well. It still’s a timely reminder though that the guys in charge refuse to appear on GMB because of the hardline questioning, which in fairness to us after everything that’s happened this year most of us had probably forgotten about.

Good work on that at least and attempting to hold this government to account. We all know that that’s pretty much impossible though hey?

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