The UK’s Gone Into Meltdown After Sainsbury’s Messed With Its £3 Meal Deal

Sainsbury's meal deal

“You’ve ruined my day, possibly my life.”

Meal Deals are one of the most important UK institutions at the moment, which is why Sainsbury’s customers have been left baffled at their most recent move. The supermarket chain has decided to change the rules of what can be included in their £3 meal deal and quite rightly, people around the country are fuming.

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Sainsbury’s had decided to rebrand its lunchtime meal deal selection as ‘On The Go’ (first big mistake) and has also excluded its premium ‘Taste The Difference’ range from the offer. Oh dear.

Whereas before customers were able to choose from a wide array of culinary delights such as sushi, subs, cakes, fruits and drinks, the choice has been significantly reduced, with only a basic selection of sandwiches left on offer.

So now if you want to enjoy the low price of a £3 lunch, you have to choose something soul-destroying such as tuna or egg mayo. Anything exciting like cake is completely out of the question. Needless to say, people are not happy with the decision:

Seriously, what were they thinking? As said, Meal Deals are the talk of the town at the moment – you’ve got to stay on top if you want to win. Whoever came up with this “genius” idea is definitely going to get fired.

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