Amateur Golfer Hits Best Golf Trick Putt Ever

Golf Putt

Invariably when your mates film you trying to do a sick trick shot you completely fail, but this one amateur golfer actually managed to pull off the shot of a lifetime.

I’m not really one for golf at all – why the hell does everyone start playing it when they’re 26 and get jobs? It really pisses me off that all my friends would rather play golf on a Saturday now rather than do something fun like get chicken wings or play FIFA –  but I can appreciate trick shots and how completely sick they are. This is probably because it kind of reminds me of crazy golf which I absolutely love. I know that sounds hypocritical but crazy golf is just so much better because of all those wacky obstacles. Really brightens the dull game up.

Anyway this is a really awesome trick putt that some dude filmed his mate doing. It was pretty lucky that he was filming to be honest because it seems like the kind of thing that would only ever happen once in a lifetime.

Check it out below:

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