VIDEO: Gold Digger Suddenly Changes Her Mind After Seeing Man’s Wad Of Cash

Gold Digga Changes Mind Wad Of Money

Reckon it would be the same if the genders were reversed?

There are enough of these pranks on the internet that can expose what some women are actually like – who can forget this Lamborghini prank – but this might be the one that exposes the shallowest woman yet.

The woman is clearly not interested in Dennis as he tries to chat her up in the park, even using the classic line ‘I have a boyfriend’ to deter him. However, as soon as he gets out a fat wad of cash that’s all she cares about and she immediately retracts her previous statement and is all over him.

It’s sad to think that people like this exist in the world, but at least they’re not as bad as DJ sluts.


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