Man Puts GoPro Camera Under A Train Passing At 75 MPH

Go Pro Camera Underneath Train

This is way weirder than you would actually think.

Go Pro cameras are responsible for some of the most innovative videos out there, like this one of a cliff diver coming face to face with a great white shark.

A guy thought it would make for a pretty good video if he stuck his GoPro camera on the train track and filmed a train passing over it and he was 100% right. The video is really weird and almost hypnotic as the undercarriage of the train passes over the camera and somehow it doesn’t move an inch despite the high winds and power that the train must be generating as it’s running across it.

In that respect it kind of reminds us of this video of a Go Pro falling from an airplane that is even tripper than this one – you won’t believe where it ends up either at the end.


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