Glamour Model Filmed Completely Losing Her Shit And Spitting At Man (VIDEO)


How glamorous.

A mum/glamour model wannabe was filmed spitting at a man during a car parking row. Quite the classy lady it appears.

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The grimy video below shows the woman spitting during the aggy encounter after she parked on a private driveway in Kettering, Northamptonshire. She has since been identified as aspiring model Carla Marinee.

After being told that she had parked on a private driveway and asked to move her car, she at first seems apologetic, but the atmosphere quickly turns sour when she realises she’s being filmed.

To be fair to Carla, as scummy as that was, they were both being twats in that situation. The guy behind the camera didn’t really need to film her and she shouldn’t spit on someone after they asked her to move the car out of the way. I’d say that they’re both in the wrong.

Just another day in Kettering I guess. Still, can’t be anywhere near as bad as the worst town in the UK. That place is a shithole.


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