This Gangster Girls Boxing Match Ended In The Most Unexpected Way

Boxing match

Plot twist.

Plot twists are usually saved for blockbuster movies and shoddy soap operas but today we’re bringing you one from a real life street fight.

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There is currently no information on who these girls are or where the fight took place. The only detail is the title, which describes the match as ‘Gangsta Girls Boxing’.

Anyway, you don’t really need any more information – all you need to know is that these two are well on their way to absolutely battering each other to oblivion before their fight is interrupted by an unexpected twist:

Did you hear that crash? That’s one way to stop a street fight – just ram your car straight into another. I don’t know what happened to those girls, but I’m guessing they sacked of the boxing match and just went their separate ways. There’s nothing like a minor car crash to put things into perspective.

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