Baltimore Man Dodges His Girlfriend’s Many Attempts To Run Him Over (VIDEO)

She really wanted him dead.

Wild footage out of Baltimore, Maryland, shows a woman make multiple attempts at running over her boyfriend during a domestic dispute, only for the guy to keep dodging at the last second, at times coming dangerously close to being flattened.

It’s like a matador Vs an angry bull – except on this occasion, you’re cheering for the matador:

Welp, I guess we can see why he’s done with her? Have to say I love the way he keeps risking his life to hang around and keep trolling her as she tries to literally kill the guy. His celebrations are so petty but also so deserved given his slick evasive skills. Not his first rodeo, I imagine.

Anyway, let’s hope there was some kind of police follow-up because I’m pretty sure that lady should be doing a stint for attempted murder, even if she was being trolled into oblivion by her boyfriend. Pretty sure her insurance isn’t gonna cover the damage on that car either. Best of luck to the happy couple.

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