This Girl Obliterated Her Boyfriend’s Trust With Brutal Tarantula Prank (VIDEO)

Tarantula Toastei

Not chill at all.

Cheese toasties are one of the greatest food inventions known to man, and it’s even better when someone makes one for you as you don’t even have to do anything yourself and it’s just there, ready to be eaten. Result.

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Unfortunately, if you’re engaged in a prank war with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you probably need to be a little bit more suspicious about their motives when they’re doing something ‘nice’ like this. That’s what Daniel Brookes found out when his girlfriend Kirsty Matthews recently made him a cheese toastie.

It looks like it’s going to be completely delicious when she first starts preparing it, adding pepperoni, cheese, ham, jalapeños and chilli sauce. But then comes the piece de resistance: a dead tarantula. To say that Daniel freaked out when he realised what he was eating would be an understatement:

I mean man, is that harsh. I winced every time he took another mouthful of the stuff. I’m not surprised the dude spent the rest of the day throwing up. I’ll be surprised if he ever puts anything in his mouth that someone has made for him again. It’s kind of like the ultimate betrayal of trust right there. Hopefully he’ll find a way to get her back even harder.

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