Girl Loses Her Thumb After Chav Pulls A Knife On Her During An Argument In Manchester (NSFL)

Warning – gruesome footage.

Footage out of Middleton, Manchester this weekend shows an unidentified man and woman arguing in the middle of the street, before things get real messy.

The young lady grabs the lad by his collar and takes a swing at him, prompting the man to escalate things to the max by pulling out a knife and stabbing it towards her:

The resulting injury suffered by the girl is completely gruesome and NSFL so if you don’t think you can stomach it, stop scrolling now.


OK… her thumb ended up coming off:

I see some people online defending the guy for retaliating because the girl put her hands on him first, but pulling out a shank and slicing it at her like a samurai? I mean look at the size of this thing he was literally carrying around in his shorts:

The sort of guy who would shiv his mum for putting the wrong type of milk on his Shreddies I bet. I know the girl said she had a knuckle duster on her (classy) but did he really feel that he was at such a disadvantage that he had to pull a kitchen knife out? What an absolute wrong ‘un.

Fair play to the girl for not screaming her head off and going absolutely ballistic the way I’d imagine most girls would if they realised their thumb had been sliced off. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug I guess.

No idea what the argument was based on the exchange between them:

“Don’t you ever, ever, ever, because you’re watching him.”

“I looked at the window because he walked past.”

“Listen, listen, don’t. F*cking listen”

No word from the report on MailOnline whether the chav has been arrested or not, but you’d think the guy is pretty easy to identify going off that footage, not to mention the crystal clear evidence he’s walking around with a giant kitchen knife and isn’t afraid to use it. RIP that girl’s thumb and let’s hope they get this prick off the streets ASAP.

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