UK Girl Jailed For 2 Weeks For Being Too Loud While Having Sex

It was getting pretty ridiculous.

23 year old Gemma Wale from Small Heath, Birmingham is one of those “neighbour from hell” cases we often hear about, only she’s not dashing bricks through people’s windows or “telepathically raping” them — she’s just making a ton of noise every time she has sex.

Her neighbours had no choice but to get a court order in a bid to stop the mother of two from perpetually “screaming and shouting whilst having sex”. She completely ignored it, so now she’s been sent to jail for 2 weeks.

According to the BBC the final straw came when she was having super loud sex for 10 minutes at  5am one morning:

She said a neighbour had complained “paragraph 3 of the order” had been breached at about 05:00 on 29 January.

“Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up,” said the neighbour. “This lasted 10 minutes.”


Suppose it must have been pretty damn loud and pretty damn consistent for the neighbours to get police involved. I guess there’s only so many passive aggressive sex notes you can leave on someone’s door before you decide jail is the best place for them. The whole world doesn’t revolve around Gemma Wale’s loud sex life after all.

P.S. What’s that face about in the photo? Is she smiling? Is that a fart face? Baffling.


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