Best Loud Sex Notes Ever

Loud Sex Notes

There are a hell of a lot of those passive aggressive notes about people having sex out there, here are some of the best.

Following on from yesterday’s passive aggressive sex note, I decided to track down some of the other best passive aggressive sex notes on the Internet, and it turned out that – as you might have already expected – there were a hell of a lot to choose from.

Here are a few of the best, with my favourites either being the graffiti, the wireless network, or the sorority sisters and their slut shaming. Nice one guys, and remember if you can’t face a confrontation, then a passive aggressive note is always an option – especially if you want to achieve some sort of Internet notoriety but not actually sort out your problem.

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Loud Sex Notes 1

Loud Sex Notes 2

Loud Sex Notes 3

Loud Sex Notes 4

Loud Sex Notes 5

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