This Girl Is Calling On The Internet To Help Release Her Sex Tape

Lena the plug

100% NSFW.

Celebrity culture dictates so many people’s lives these days, with a key message that seems to override everything else – to be famous and important, you need to release a sex tape.

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This idea has been taken to a new level by Youtuber ‘Lena the Plug’ who posts pretty dumb videos if her byline is anything to go by: “I got a big booty and you’re probably here to see it.” Recently she posted a video promising to release a sex tape if one million people subscribe to her channel. At the moment she’s at just over 154,000 but with 1.5million views on this video (and the promise of a sex tape) something tells me she’s going to reach her goal:

I love how she threw in “maybe some butt stuff” as if it were no big deal. Although when you see her Instagram photos, the whole thing starts to make a bit more sense:

Anyway, we’re going to have to wait and see how this one pans out – you never know, this chick might end up being the next Kim Kardashian. Wouldn’t that just be the achievement of a lifetime?


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