Horrific Video Of London Girl Gang Battering Holland & Barrett Worker Who Tried To Stop Them Shoplifting

Welcome to London.

Footage uploaded by Twitter user @unclefreeze this week shows an older female employee at Holland & Barrett in North End, Croydon town centre doing her best to stop two little chavs shoplifting from the store, and getting battered for her efforts.

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The Metropolitan Police are yet to make any arrests, with the suspects believed to be aged between 16 and 20.

The injured woman was taken to a South London hospital where her condition is not life-threatening.

Police believe that the member of staff challenged two female shoplifters who responded by assaulting the victim by repeatedly punching her in the head.

They also smashed glass at the front of the premises before leaving in the direction of West Croydon.

The suspects are both black females aged 16-20 years, one of whom is described as Albino.

Well I mean there can’t be too many albinos hanging around Croydon, and you get a pretty good look at the girls in the footage (not to mention whatever CCTV footage/witness statement they’ve collected) so hopefully these rats have been arrested by the time this gets shared onto socials.

What’s crazy is that no one really makes that much of an effort to help the poor lady being beaten up. Eventually someone pushes through the door as though to help out but all he really accomplishes is to provide an exit for the shoplifters. There’s plenty of people shouting and yelling at others to help her but no one actually putting the work in. Surely the people of Croydon can do better than that.

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