VIDEO: Girl Gets Fake Neknominated; Downs A Whole Bottle Of Jägermeister

Neknominate Jager

Is she still alive?

Neknominate was really fun at the start of the year as everyone was downing pints and filming videos and then nominating other people to do the same. Nah who am I kidding, it wasn’t fun it was stupid and I’m glad that it didn’t continue longer than a couple of months.

It seems like it’s still a big thing over in Australia though as people are actually pranking people by fake neknominating each other. In this video, some girls who seem to like nothing more than sitting around smoking and drinking decide to prank their buddy and make her down a whole bottle of Jägermeister. Surprisingly, the girl doesn’t question it and is happy to down it, even though it’s a Sunday which probably isn’t the best time to be doing something like that.

Following her very impressive downing of the bottle (although not as impressive as this guy downing a bottle of whiskey), she asks who neknominated her, to which her friends reply: ‘Nobody, you haven’t got any friends you dumb cunt’. Gotta love Australians.


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