Watch This Girl Demolish A 28oz Burger In Less Than Ten Minutes

Kate Ovens

And she’s not fat how?

OK, so this girl might not beat that absolute beast who managed to wolf down three 72oz steaks in 20 minutes like a hyena eating a corpse — that woman was sub-human or something.

However, Kate Ovens does an excellent job of smashing what she calls The ‘Jam Burger’ Challenge. This includes 28oz of meat in one burger with pulled pork, bacon and cheese, chips and an absolutely giant strawberry milkshake. As said, it might not sound much compared to that steak eating woman, but it is a shit tonne of food and Kate necks it like a trooper.

She doesn’t choke it down like some food challenge competitors. Instead she takes a slow and steady approach, which seems to work as she does it all in 9 minutes. What’s really impressive is that she eats everything in one sitting (including the Oreo) without even a flinch of the face. Check it:

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Smashed it. Love how at the end of it she’s still all cute and bubbly — I’d be vomming over the side of the table telling the camera to get out of my face.

The whole thing is sped up and edited so we could speculate that she faked it, but let’s not do that because life is more fun that way. One video we know is 100% fake though is this pile of dog shit.


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