This Girl Brutally Pushed Her Depressed Boyfriend To Commit Suicide By Sending Him Horrible Texts

Michelle Carter

Sometimes you just have to wonder what the hell people are thinking when they do stuff like this.

Last year, an 18 year old kid named Conrad Roy III killed himself by placing a gas powered water pump inside his truck and subsequently letting the carbon monoxide consume him. It’s transpired since then that he was goaded into killing himself by his 17 year old girlfriend Michelle Carter who had been sending him texts telling him to do it for months.

The pair had known each other since 2012 and had met each other online, with face to face meet ups only really occurring a handful of times during the relationship. Despite this the pair regularly talked online and this often included Roy’s thoughts about killing himself.

He had tried this previously, but once Carter found out about it she often steered the conversation around to it and encouraged him to go through with it.

Some of the texts that she sent him really are grim:

You always say you’re gonna do it, but you never do. I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.

You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.

There isn’t anything anyone can do to save you, not even yourself.

ROY: How was your day?

CARTER: When are you doing it?

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Micehlle Carter

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ROY: Today was a good day.

CARTER: Really?

ROY: Yes.

CARTER: That’s great. What did you do?

ROY: Ended up going to work for a little bit and then just looked stuff up.

CARTER: When are you gonna do it? Stop ignoring the question???

I bet you’re gonna be like ‘oh, it didn’t work because I didn’t tape the tube right or something like that. You always seem to have an excuse.

You can’t think about it. You just have to do it,

Messed up eh? Carter’s attorney is claiming that Roy actually brainwashed Carter and convinced her to help him with his plan and actively encourage him to commit suicide so he’d actually go through with it, but messages to other friends seem to contradict this. These include one that she sent to a friend telling her that she could have saved him but convinced him to get back in the van and go through with it, the fact that she asked Roy to delete all of his messages before he went through with the suicide and the fact that she told another friend if the police read the messages she sent him then she was done. Seems pretty clear what’s going on there from those – I bet she wishes she had that app that lets you delete unseen text messages.


A judge will now decide whether Michelle will face charges related to his death but it seems pretty clear to me that she should do because she sounds like a complete and utter psychopath preying on very weak characters. She’s an absolute bitch basically and why anyone would encourage somebody to do that really is beyond me. Kids these days.

Also it probably highlights how almost every method of communication these days is monitored and will absolutely screw you over if you aren’t completely careful about what you say in it, which is almost as messed up as this entire story.


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