Watch Gino D’Acampo Eat A Turd On Celebrity Juice

Eating Turd


There’s an increasingly huge market for television shows where you physically and mentally abuse celebrities and make them do horrible things, but Celebrity Juice might have taken it too far with their latest stunt last night.

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The show was airing its Halloween special and when it came the turn of 42 year old celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, he was told to put a blindfold on and open wide. From that point a turd and some urine was forced into his mouth which was pretty goddamn gross to be honest.

Take a look at it below but honestly it’s pretty rank and might put you off your dinner:

I mean I guess that probably isn’t actually a real turd and real urine, but even so it’s kinda revolting even simulating something like that isn’t it? And Gino doesn’t exactly look like he’s having the best of times putting it in his mouth from his reaction, so maybe it was real? Whatever it was it definitely wasn’t very nice though was it?

Whilst I don’t really think it’s that funny, I’m not exactly offended by it but my reaction hasn’t been echoed everywhere – a number of people tweeted that the show had gone too far and they would no longer be tuning in after this stunt. Prudes.

For more turds, check out this giant one refusing to get flushed down the toilet. Awful.


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