Ginger Men Are Finally Getting Laid Thanks To Ed Sheeran


The Ed Effect.

According to a new study, ginger men are having sex more frequently thanks to what is known as ‘The Ed Effect’.

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OK, so the study might not be groundbreaking – it looked at a sample of just 175 ginger men – but its findings were still interesting. One fifth of the men, who were between the ages of 25-34, said they had been getting significantly more attention since Ed Sheeran’s rise to fame. A majority also said that they were feeling more confident thanks to Sheeran’s cultural dominance.


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The study also asked 1,000 women (that’s more like it) about their views on ginger men and more than a third of them agreed that their perceptions of ginger guys had become more positive thanks to Ed Sheeran. It looks like Ed’s really done a lot for the red-headed community.

A spokesperson for Casumo, who commissioned the study, said:

It’s unsurprising that red-heads are attracting more attention now than in previous years.

Donning fiery red locks are popular among both male and female celebs with stars like Emma Stone and Isla Fisher leading the way for red-headed women.

More people are embracing their natural colour.

My only question would be why should it take a lame pop star for people to embrace their natural colour? His music is shite, surely it should have had an adverse affect.

It definitely did for Ed Sheeran’s doppelganger who said looking like Ed is ruining his life. Tough break.


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