Ginger Lad Goes Wild, Beats The Crap Out Of Everybody After His Friend Gets KO’d

Red Head Redemption.

Wow, what a beatdown! Scotch egg bollocks just knocking people out left, right and centre and stacking the bodies on top of each other one by one. What put the bee in his bonnet, you ask? Well apparently some lads put their hands on his buddy and Wreck It Ralph just flipped his lid. Pretty handy fella to have around on a night out from the looks of it.

Have to say, if I see six people get flattened out around me me like that I’m just gonna lay on the floor and pretend he got me already. Or maybe just cower in the corner like these NPCs who look like they’d rather be anywhere else on the planet:

Big up Diet Fanta turning up at the end as well and telling everyone to f*ck off after his bigger, badder and more ginger mate already annihilated everybody and nullified the threat:

Let’s hope everyone involved was alright in the end and that word gets out around town that you do not mess with Ed Sheerampage’s buddies. Lesson learned.

To watch an LA stoner manage to p*ss off everyone in his neighbourhood to the point they all team up to attack him, click HERE. Not a good day for that fella.


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