This Man Managed To P*ss Off His Entire Block, Ends Up Getting Hit In The Head With Skateboard

Public enemy #1.

So the backstory to this fight which took place in Santa Monica, California the other day is that apparently this chap was upset that the ginger couple at the beginning of the video wouldn’t sell him weed for whatever reason, and so decided to just hang around their block and annoy everyone in the vicinity.

Clearly it didn’t turn out to be a great idea, because after some non-committal scrapping with both dealers and a bunch of random folk who thought they’d have a go as well, a guy shows up with a skateboard and just clatters our villain over the head with it. Yeah, it wasn’t a knockout blow, but it did enough to send him packing which I guess was the desired effect.

Obviously it’s never nice to see videos of people being assaulted or ganged up on, but it’s still fascinating to see this sort of activity go down. Anyway, looks like there’s no long-lasting damage done so let’s hope everyone involved ended their day on a more positive and violence-free note. And that our guy managed to secure himself a draw elsewhere in LA.

For gnarly footage of hundreds of skaters obliterating themselves down Dolores Street in San Francisco, click HERE. Fun times.


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