Christmas Just Got Better With This Gin Advent Calendar


Ho ho ho.

The run up to Christmas almost used to be one of my favourite times of year as a kid because of advent calendars, but getting a little piece of chocolate every day of December up until Christmas doesn’t really hold the same appeal to me as it once did.

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However, if you changed the chocolate into gin then there’s every chance that I might be a little bit more interested. This actually exists and is called Ginvent (original) and features 24 different types of gin for you to peruse, from London Dry to Old Tom, Navy Strength and Fruit Infused. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:


Looks great right, although I think they could probably have made a bit more effort with the packaging right. I guess it’s what’s inside that you’re paying for though and speaking of paying for it, Ginvent costs a lot more than a regular advent calendar, clocking in at a smooth £125. That’s £5.20 per day if you’re counting, which I suppose isn’t that bad for a double of gin every day.

You just probably can’t do it before work like you would a regular advent calendar, but I guess it’s something worth coming home to, right? Unless you’re an alcoholic and a morning drinker then this one’s for you.

If Ginvent isn’t enough gin for you, then why not check out this job where you get paid to drink gin and tonic all day. No joke.


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