Watch This Spear Fisherman Get Dragged Along By A Giant Grouper Who Steals His Catch

Giant Grouper Fish Drags Spear Fisherman

Is the grouper fish or the fisherman doing the stealing here?

This is an insanely funny video going by the reactions of the spear fishermen who are getting massively trolled by these giant grouper fish, who are pretty scary looking to be fair and I wouldn’t want to mess with. They can grow up to 800 pounds and nine foot long don’t you know.

Anyway, the spear fishermen are basically hunting fish in an old shipwreck off the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s your usual basic spear fishing kind of deal i.e. they find a small defenceless parrot fish and impale it with a spear. In every instance in this video though, as soon as the parrotfish is injured, a giant grouper pounces on it and grabs it in its mouth and swims off.

Usually this results in it breaking the connection with the spear fisherman or sometimes dragging it along with them because they’re so powerful. They’re basically just massively messing with the spear fishermen – especially judging by their reactions – and it absolutely rules:

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If you didn’t laugh at those spear fishermen getting all angry about the fish screwing with them then there’s something wrong with you. It does bring up an interesting question as to whether the grouper is stealing off the fisherman or the fisherman is stealing off the grouper, considering the fisherman not exactly his natural habitat. I would be inclined to side with the fish on this one, but mainly just because it’s funnier.

For more evidence of how completely sick grouper fish are, check out this video of one of them eating a shark in one bite. Don’t mess basically.


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