Ever See A Fish Eat A Shark In One Bite?

Shark Eaten By Fish

Yes, a FISH eating a SHARK, not the other way round.

OK, so the shark might only (only?) be four foot long but this is still pretty outrageous as those guys and whales are meant to be the most dangerous predators in the ocean for sure.

The shark has been caught by a fisherman who is no doubt stoked about his catch and very pissed off to see this goliath grouper fish (which looks like a fucking Godzilla of the sea – apparently they can grow up to eight feet and weigh up to 308kg) emerge from the water and polish it off in one bite. Remind me never to go swimming around Bonita Springs in Florida – no way.

If this wasn’t crazy enough for you check out these photographs of a diver almost getting swallowed whole by a whale.


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