Ghostface Killah Just Dropped This Deadly Serious Response Video To Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli just got well and truly told.

The other week Martin Shkreli made it clear he wanted to smack Ghostface Killah around the face for “disrespecting” him, before taking the troll factor to the next level by Tweeting this out:

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Shkreli had threatened to erase Ghostface’s contributions to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the one-of-a-kind album that Shkreli paid millions for and is the sole owner of.

Incredibly, none of this is a hoax. Martin Shkreli is genuinely trying to fuck with Wu-Tang Clan even though that’s something everyone knows you don’t do.

Well today, Ghostface finally issued his response and even though he throws out some childish disses here and there, it’s mostly a serious attempt to let Shkreli know what a grade A douche bag he is.

Watch below:

Probably be wise for Shkreli to keep schtum now that Ghostface’s mum and sister are involved. I wonder if that’s a sneaky Wu-Tang style move to bait Shkreli into saying something they’ll really make him regret. Bring the motherfucking ruckus.

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