This Ghost Footage From A Haunted Morgue Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

Ghost Corridor

Is it fake?

There are countless videos out there that claim to prove the existence of ghosts and it’s unlikely that any of them will ever actually be able to do that. But the video below certainly does a pretty convincing job.

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The footage is taken from Brazil and features some guys investigating a spooky door that keeps slamming over and over again in a morgue. The atmosphere is only made more terrifying by the fact that the light is stuttering on and off in the corridor that it’s down as well. All kinds of nope basically. And when they get down there, nothing is to be found:

OK, I mean first of all it probably is fake. But even if it is then it’s actually done pretty well and has got to have you guessing. I mean that door is full on slamming and not just bouncing back on itself, so someone must have been doing it and they’ve photoshopped him out or something… or it really was a ghost.

For more ghosts, check out this footage of one throwing a glass across a bar. No other explanation once again.


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