German Goalkeeper Arrested After Letting In 43 Goals In One Game

What a disaster.

Marco Kwiotek let in 43 goals as his team SV Vonderort were smashed by their local rivals PSV Oberhausen 43-0 the other night. That’s right – fourty three – nil.

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The score was 35-0 at halftime and at one point Vonderort were only able to field eight players. PSV Oberhausen felt so sorry for them, they took off three of their own players just to even things up.

After conceding a goal nearly every 2 minutes, goalkeeper Marco probably just wanted to forget about the whole thing. However, five days later at a training session, two police cars showed up and escorted the 25-year-old keeper away from the training ground and to the local police station for questioning.

The Sun says:

Kwiotek called out to players as he was led from pitch by cops at the club’s base in Bottrop, western Germany: “They just want to clear some things up.”

He has not been seen since and police have refused to comment on why he was taken into custody.

And that’s why being a football player is so risky these days. If you’re a great player, you’re internationally loved and treated like a legend everywhere you go. However if you have an off-day, for example letting in 43 goals in one game, you instantly become public enemy #1 and literally disappear off the planet without a trace.

Obviously it’s not yet confirmed whether Marco’s shoddy goalkeeping and arrest 5 days later are related, but it’s just a tad bit suspicious no one’s heard from him since.

P.S. Could be worse – we all know what they do to shit players/referees in Brazil.


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