Georges St-Pierre Reveals He Gave His Childhood Bully Money When He Was Jobless And Begging


An example to us all.

I’m sure that a lot of us have memories of being picked on and bullied when we were younger at school by people that didn’t grow up to do anything with their lives, but I doubt that any of us would deal with this people with the grace and humility that Georges St Pierre did if we ever happened to randomly bump into them again.

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I imagine that most of us would just laugh at them and diss them, or humble brag about how well our lives had gone, but not George St Pierre. When the former UFC champion (or perhaps current technically after he beat Bisping for the middleweight belt last year, only to relinquish it straight away) ran into his childhood bully on the streets of his native Montreal, he didn’t just spit in his face or anything, he instead helped him out, gave him some advice and gave him some money.

Here’s the full story on the Joe Rogan podcast (of course):

Wow. What a guy. It’s one thing to become a world champion, but another entirely let go of all the bad stuff that has happened to him in the past and act like that. An example to us all.

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