Gemma Collins Has Been Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize As Application Says She Could ‘Solve North Korea Crisis’


Gemma Collins has been put up for a Nobel Peace Prize by a pair of YouTubers who managed to get her nomination accepted by creating The Romford Research Institute for Peace.

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Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, who have also managed to successfully nominate Kanye West, told The Sun:

The GC has spent 39 years promoting peace and harmony across Essex – and beyond.

If you look at what peace really means, take for example her on-off relationship with James Argent – no one died.

It was a conflict that did appear to be resolved peacefully and we at the Romford Research Institute think this is a great demonstration of world peace.

We believe in the GC effect, which is a peer reviewed hypothesis that if Gemma spent a long weekend in North Korea she could use the skills as seen in Towie to attempt to bring peace to the region.

Marie Curie, The Dalai Laima, Yasser Arafat… Gemma Collins?! I mean obviously this is a pisstake by a pair of bored YouTubers who have managed to slip one past the Nobel Committee, but there’ll be loads of people out there who think it’s no less ridiculous than Donald Trump being nominated recently, so hey, why not?

The question is – how exactly would Gemma Collins bring about peace in North Korea? I’m not sure if she’s heard about the food rationing situation out there (just 300g per person per day), but maybe that’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make to bring peace to the region. Worst case scenario they could even use her as a missile blocker on the north/south border? Either way – the idea of Gemma Collins in North Korea sounds like grade A content to me.

For a look at Gemma twerking to Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’, click HERE.


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