Gemma Collins Threatens To Release ‘WAP’ Video As She Attempts To Twerk On Instagram (VIDEO)

Just giving the people what they want.

There’s no shortage of WAP remixes doing the rounds following the monstrous success of the Cardi B original, and it looks like the best/worst one yet could be on its way if this video by TOWIE legend Gemma Collins is anything to go by.

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Gemma shared this video onto IG alongside the caption ‘You wanna see me WAP. Comment below’:

Welp, judging by the number of comments (5,000+) the people have spoken so I guess we can expect a Gemma Collins WAP video very soon. Hooray?!

The funniest thing about this is how many people on Twitter have been triggered by the Daily Mail reporting this story with the headline ‘Gemma Collins flaunts sizzling curves’, which is probably exactly the reaction they were going for. Apparently she’s lost 3 stone which isn’t easy so respect to her for that, but just get a load of some of the reaction online:

I’m not gonna post the rest of the comments because they’re pretty mean but you get the idea. Imagine the reaction if she does end up dropping a full-on WAP dance video? Serious meltdowns to be had for sure. It actually feels like troll bait just posting this stuff but hey if we want people to think we’re real journalists we need to share videos of Gemma Collins dancing to WAP, right? That’s simply the sort of thing people need to know is happening.

For the 80s R&B version of WAP which is actually pretty damn good, click HERE.


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