Gemma Collins Absolutely Stacked It On Dancing On Ice Last Night

Gemma Collins Falling


I wasn’t aware that Gemma Collins or Dancing On Ice were either still things – so out of touch – but apparently there’s a new series of Dancing On Ice and Gemma Collins is starring in it and the two have combined to give us one of the most glorious comedy moments of the year.

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There’s not much to say about this one other than it’s absolutely hilarious – it’s basically Gemma Collins just absolutely stacking at what looks like the end of her routine where she’s just cruising around soaking up all the applause. It’s seriously one of the times that you just wouldn’t expect anyone to fall over which makes it even better – take it all in below:

Lol jokes. I’m not professional ice skater but I can’t see how she could even have done that as she’s literally just gliding along and not even trying to do any complicated moves or anything?

Really, really embarrassing but somehow the judges didn’t seem to take it into account and she received the highest score so far on the show. Guess the rest of the routine must have been absolutely kickass because she must have lost a couple of points at least for just falling over when nothing was even happening. I don’t really know how the whole scoring thing works though because I’ve never actually seen it so maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

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