This Video Of Gay Men Making Out With Girls Is Kind Of Awkward

I kissed a girl and I’m not sure if I liked it.

So you know this week we showed you that video of lesbians making out with men?

Well now we’ve got the reverse — gay men kissing women, and it’s equally as awkward.

I’m not really sure why they’re bringing these videos out. I know they’re meant to be for some human experiment thing but it’s obviously not going to suddenly turn someone straight or even reinforce their gayness because of a kiss.

Anyway it makes for funny viewing. There’s a Katy Perry reference, which was to be expected and a really cute moment when one person realises she is going to be the guy’s first girl kiss.

If you ask me, getting any two strangers to kiss on camera, gay or straight, it’s always going be a bit forced and awkward. Nearly as much as being a millionaire getting caught doing shopping in Poundland.


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