Gary Lineker Accused Of ‘Casual Racism’ For Joking He ‘Had Tenner On Black Lives Matter Scoring First’

No one is safe from the outrage mob.

Gary Lineker has been accused of ‘casual racism’ after he cracked a joke on Twitter during the Manchester City Vs Arsenal the other night.

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As you may have seen, all players in the first round of games have had the names on the back of their shirts replaced with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan as a show of support for racial equality.

Gary Lineker, who’s been one of the “wokest” guys on Twitter the last couple years, Tweeted the following:

Pretty innocent joke, right? Welp, not according to the outrage brigade:

Unreal. The good news is that the vast majority of people understood it was a joke and couldn’t see what was supposed to be racist about Gary Lineker’s Tweet, but it just goes to show that the perpetually offended will always find something to moan about. It is pretty ironic though that Gary Lineker is getting some grief over this because he’s usually the first one to call people out on racism and such on Twitter. Guy’s come a long way from flogging Walkers crisps.

Never forget:

For the last time Gary Lineker got slated over a ‘dodgy’ joke (on the Brussels terrorist attack), click HERE.


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