Couple With 53-Year Age Gap Start TikTok Channel Where All They Do Is Snog

This guy’s getting laid in self-isolation. Are you?

Just before he turned 18 years old, Gary Hardwick met 71-year-old grandma Almeda at her son’s funeral. They hit it off so well that two weeks later, they were married.

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Three years on at ages 21 and 74, Gary and Almeda’s love is still going strong. In fact they’ve been having a whale of a time self-isolating together during the coronavirus outbreak. They even started a TikTok account together, because what they decided the world needs right now is daily videos of them snogging each other’s faces off.

In no time at all they’ve racked up 15,000+ followers, which I guess proves they’re giving the people what they want? 

Before she met Gary, Almeda had been in a 43-year-old relationship with her ex-husband who passed away. Could he have imagined his 74-year-old widow being shagged silly by a 21-year-old while in quarantine in 2020? Probably not.

As for Gary, he had attended the funeral after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend – a 77-year-old woman. Reckon he’s got a type or what?

Speaking about their critics, Gary told The Metro:

I would say we have found happiness. We want to let people know that they too have someone regardless of their age, same-sex relationship and inter-racial relationships. 

Let us have our happiness and find your own way of happiness.

Can’t argue with that really can you? Good luck to the happy couple. The really curious part is how many people out there tune in to watch these two go at it everyday. Especially on a platform like TikTok whose user base is mainly teenagers to early 20s. Is Gary about to make shagging OAPs the next big thing in a post-coronavirus society? No wonder we’re all working so hard to protect them. 

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