Gareth Gates Says Losing Virginity To A Pregnant Katie Price Was The Reason He Quit Fame


Don’t really blame him.

Gareth Gates has revealed that he quit fame after losing his virginity to Katie Price when he was 17 to focus on what’s important.

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Here’s what Gareth had to say in an interview in some new magazine:

It wasn’t too long after that I decided to take a break from the industry.

It wasn’t the reason I wanted to be a pop star. There are stars out there who are out there for the wrong reasons. I wanted to be recognised for my talent.

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I shut down the rumours at the time to save face with my family.

I denied the whole Jordan thing because I was 17, I didn’t want my family to find out about my sex life.

If I hadn’t of lied it wouldn’t have been a big deal – my family, friends and fans wouldn’t have felt as let down I guess.

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Hmmm. Not sure how to react to this. On the one hand if I had slept with a pregnant Katie Price, then I probably wouldn’t want anyone to know about it either. But on the other hand, if I was 17 then I probably wouldn’t be able to shut up about it.

In fairness to the guy, I suppose you’ve you got to give Gareth Gates props for keeping it quiet and taking the time to reevaluate what he wanted from a life as a pop star, and that’s a pretty mature thing to be able to do at that age, so fair play to him. I just hope he was really wasted when he got deep and down with Jordan because then he might not remember the gory details.

Here’s Katie Price’s son Harvey telling the cunts to fuck off on live television a couple of months ago, if you want to relive that classic moment.


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